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December 11, 2010

December 2010   Karen Gaia - WOA!!

The WOA!! webpage has been live since August 1997. Since then, the web site has seen 1,741,580 visitors, with an average of 500 hits a day. Over 2,400 articles have been processed by WOA!!s automated online system. The design has slowly evolved, but, until yesterday, December 10, 2010, looked much the same as when the web page began. A dramatic change went live yesterday, with a new look, a new header, a more comprehensive menu, and other features:

  • The new menu, vertically across the top of the page, takes up less 'real estate' on the page, but drops down to over 150 different items. The menu points to pages that, up until recently, were sadly neglected, and have now been brought up to date. It is hoped that the viewer will find these pages useful.
  • The main feature, the News Digest, in the middle column, is little changed. One improvement is that the lines are not stretched so far across the page, making it easier on the eyes.
  • In the top right column, a picture has been added. When the mouse hovers over this picture, the picture is enlarged and text appears, explaining the picture in detail. The plan is to have many pictures, each with a story, only one picture appearing for a few days at a time.
  • Important videos. This is a recently added feature. With the advent of YouTube and other online media, this has been a worthwhile feature to keep. The list looks shorter now because the descriptions pop out when the mouse is hovered over it.
  • At the top of the right column is a drop-down list of all the News Digest articles on the page. Click on the bullet to go to the summarized article on WOA!!s front page. Click on the text to go to the full-length article on the page where it was published, if there is a link
  • List of Headlines - these have not yet been summarized, but may be of interest to you. Some of these do not have links, so you will have wait until they are summarized to see them, if they are ever summarized. If you would like to help with summarization, contact me.
  • Calendar - this has changed little. More use will be made of hiding some text that will appear when you mouse over it. See Martin Luther King Day for example.
  • How You Can Help, Population News by Email, and Karen Gaia's Travels have only been changed in appearance. If you can think of additional uses of right and left sidebars, please let me know.
  • Back Pages. As mentioned above, the pages other than the front page (News Digest), the Section pages, have been neglected. I am looking for 'Section Editors' one to help me with each Section. As Section Editor, you would look (Google or other search) for articles, images, graphs, and statistics for your Section. Most articles would also go on the front page. All articles would have to be summarized, either by yourself, or by our volunteer who does the summarizations. Let me know if you are interested.
To give you an idea of what working with a web designer can be like, here is my designer's concept of what the WOA!! website should look like. I can be reached at