Sample Letter to Schools for a Poster Contest
World Overpopulation Awareness, is inviting the Sacramento school districts to participate with us in Earth Day to be held in April 1998. WOA is having a poster contest for the Sacramento area students (elementary through high school). The theme is World Overpopulation Awareness and to have at least 1,000 students create posters related to world overpopulation. All students will receive a certificate for their participation. Prizes will be awarded to students on Earth Day in April 1998 on our planned 5k/10k run-walk. The students will line the run-walk with their posters. In addition, the winning posters will appear on WWW.OVERPOPULATION.ORG, making them available worldwide. WOA's purpose is to make as many people as possible aware that population is the single most important world problem today and that there are many alternatives individuals can choose to reduce world overpopulation. WOA does not advocate any one solution or combination of them, simply that there are basic alternatives we must face, and individuals and society need to choose what is best. WOA is aware that the world's population has limited choices and that these choices affect the economic, social, political, enviornmental, and religious ways of life. It is through this awareness that people need to cooperatively work together to solve this crisis. A tremendous amount of research has been made by WOA to provide students in the Sacramento area with information and sources of information to make students aware of the world overpopulation problem. The enclosed letter and literature summarizes some of the information we have found. Your district may freely copy and use these materials and information. We have a lot more information to provide your school district. Mr. Paul Storey, of Zero Population Growth, is an environmentalist who has volunteered to be a guest speaker for your school district. WOA was formed by a group of concerned members of the Mother Lode Chapter of the Sierra Club. We are not advocating any political position, seeking any financial support, or publicity for the Sierra Club. Please contact us on line at WWW.OVERPOPULATION.ORG for additional literature, sources to additional information, and guest speakers. You can also contact us at the address and phone number listed below. Also, a 5k/10k run/walk is planned for Earth Day next April. We are inviting your students, faculty, administration, and parents to participate by either being in the race or volunteering to assist us with organizing the race. I would like to meet with you at your convenience to coordinate the World Overpopulation Awareness Poster Contest with the schools in the xxxx Unified School District that would like to participate. You are welcome to call me at xxx.

Jim McCabe, Poster Committee Chairman

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